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Over 700 hours of massage and bodywork training, combined. Plus, continued-educational webinars and literature – ongoing.

Hot Stone Massage, May 2015 – Davis, CA

Mu-Xing Therapy Bamboo Massage Practitioner, June 2014 – Mesa, Arizona

Massage Therapy Institute, 2012-2013 – Davis, CA

Healing Arts Institute, 2001 – Roseville, CA


Traveling to clients’ homes since Fall 2013, providing a variety of bodywork.

Spa environment, May 2013 to November 2015

Finish-line sports massage service for ultra-trailrunning events, 100M to 5K, March 2013-July 2014 – all over Northern California


Summited Mount Whitney, August 2015

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Diane was inspired after going on a personal expedition to Australia – to learn about the country’s contentious history of migration and the often untold story of the “original landowners.” With more than fourteen years of service, Diane made the decision to leave her employer and pursue her interests in the natural world, community, adventure travel, and building her knowledge around bodywork, and natural healing systems. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University, Sacramento, and is a volunteer in community service. Diane graduated from a massage therapy program at Healing Arts Institute in Roseville, CA in 2001 with her experience as a Rehabilitation Aide at a sub-acute facility and at UC Davis Medical Center. She later advanced her training and certification with the massage therapy program at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA – completed in early 2013 – with now over 700 hours of training. Diane‘s passions include hiking, trail running and feeding her spirit in helping others – she is always open to new possibilities with life and work. She loves good coffee, and of course, running!

Diane became aware of massage with her first experience in college for general health and well being. With the affect of stress in her life, she started seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis. Although painful at times, it just felt great afterwards – a process of learning where she was holding stress and her injuries as part of the ebb and flow of being an active person. Future forward, and because she is a runner, her first thought was to enter into sports massage as her modality, but later, as she continued her education, each opportunity opened up a whole new world that would reset how she would integrate what she learned going forward with her practice, with Diane’s interests in running, community, and being outdoors.

And with running, with her many and varied outdoor experiences playing competitive soccer, hiking, mountain-biking and kayaking, her outdoorsy nature evolved into being a part of the running community and several races in the Sacramento area, including the California International Marathon and once as a Iron Woman with Eppie’s Great Race, and in Moab, UT – along the Colorado River with her love of red mountains. She continues to run on the American River Parkway where she lives close by.

And often, it has come with injuries of some kind. Having bone fractures and persistent muscular and tendon-related running injuries, these times forced her to stop, slow down, and refocus. This all involved a process of healing and learning what she needed to do to get back on track, reducing her running mileage and take a break for a while. While these times were frustrating, Diane soon decided to sign up for a summer trail running program which opened up other possibilities and places to run and continues to run out of determination, her competitiveness within to push herself, the love of learning, adventure, exhilaration, freedom, and the feeling of health and fitness.

Diane has a vested interest for healing arts in massage therapy and bodywork, and as she continues to learn what works best in massage with clients, Diane is always apt to be on a path of health and healing and helping people on a deeper level.