Focused / Therapeutic Bodywork

Massage is also an important part of living in wellness. Reconnect with yourself. Give yourself a restorative retreat offered in a safe, empowering environment. Tap into the transformative power of self-care to nourish your body and soul, help relieve sore muscles, and promote healing in your body with maintenance massage. The familiar Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes, kneading and friction techniques, focusing primarily on reducing muscular tension and inducing general relaxation. And like sports massage, this provides potential injury-related issues from becoming chronic, integrating relaxation whether you’re looking to stay loose or repair damage. A doctor’s approval may be needed.

Maintenance massage can be done at any time between activities. The timing and regularity depends on individual needs. The purpose is to keep the muscles limber and flexible, enhance circulation and promote relaxation. Massage addresses all areas of the body, particularly those most stressed by physical activity.

Other types of massage available and/or included as part of a session depending on your needs:

Cranial-Sacral Balancing






Muscle Release Techniques




Mu-Xing Therapy

Tui Na